Prague is a wonderful and diverse city with so many types of scenery, from the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Streets. You might find, however, that Prague’s center is packed with tourists and is busy nearly all the time, from tours that go around in the morning to the nightlife that packs the riverside clubs at night.

Where are all the locals?

Dan was in Prague in 2016, and this time we visited, together. We spent the first few days in the local neighborhood of Vinohrady, known for its many parks, plethora of bars and restaurants and tall pastel-colored buildings. Here, you’ll see a more typical side of life in Prague.

Prague TV Tower (Žižkov Television Tower)

Known as one of the world’s ugliest buildings, the Prague TV Tower can be seen from most parts of Prague, as it’s the tallest landmark. It can also help you find your way home, if you look up!

The TV Tower was built during the Cold War era and is rather unique-looking. You can go to the top and get a view of a whole side of the city. There’s also a restaurant and bar, where we suggest going and having a drink or snack instead of paying the admission to the viewpoint, as it could be a dab less.

Riegrovy Sady park and beer garden

Riegrovy Sady is a large park that has it all, from running paths, to a beer garden, and to a cafe with outdoor and rooftop seating, to “Sunset Hill,” where lots of people go for sunset hour in summer with picnic blankets and beer or wine. The beer garden is a place where locals meet up with friends, and there’s food as well. Try the kolbasa!

Vinohrady’s pastel-colored buildings

Each street in Vinohrady has its own color palette, and most buildings are four to five stories high (sometimes more), so when looking down the street, you can get a nice multicolored perspective of architecture.

Most buildings date from the late 19th century and exemplify the styles of Neo-Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Pseudo Baroque, and Neo-Gothic architecture.

Our favorite cafes:

Local restaurant and bar suggestions