We had the pleasure of being guests at MeetMe23 in the Prague 1 area. MeetMe23 has both boutique elements and modern vibes. It has mostly private rooms, but multi-guest dorm rooms as well.

It has personality like a boutique hotel and a cool modern-meets-historic vibe that is attractive to travelers who often look for interesting hotels.

The MeetMe23 concept

MeetMe23 is for the young traveler who wants to stay in a clean, new and trendy accommodation. It’s also for a mature traveler who wants a moderately-priced hotel that has more pop and color than a chain hotel.

MeetMe23 opened in November 2017 and was created from a historic mansion that was once home to a wealthy Czech-Jewish family, the Reisers. Over time, the building has also been home to the Consulate General of Argentina.

The building has now been transformed into spacious areas like the somewhat ‘surprising’ hotel lobby, which has a giant wall-length photo taken by the famed David LaChapelle, along with a life-size old car on the wall and a small blue man sculpture climbing in.

Along the other wall are artsy chairs, bold colors, a 3D printer that is continually printing tiny replica blue man statues and more.

3D printer making small blue man statues in Meetme23 lobby Blue man statue climbing into life-size car replica on the wall of the lobby
Lights hanging next to an open window and a black leather couch in Meetme23's lobby Chandelier in MeetMe23's lobby

Rooms have a clean and minimalist design that includes a wall-size map of the Prague metro system (very helpful in planning our days out!), tall windows with views of the train station or the city, brightly colored bathrooms and showers and generous closet space.

Lights hanging from the ceiling in a Meetme23 room interior Close-up of a hanging lightbulb in a hotel room interior Prague metro map on the wall of a Meetme23 hotel room
View of Prague city from a MeetMe23 hotel room Woman on bed in a MeetMe23 hotel room in Prague
Room interior with mirrored ceiling at MeetMe23 in Prague Orange-tiled bathroom at a MeetMe23 hotel room in Prague

Breakfast in the morning is another hotel-style feature of staying at MeetMe23, and there is a spread of breakfast foods like meats, cheese, cereal, bread, cake, fruit, coffees and teas.

Breakfast plate at MeetMe23 in Prague Breakfast foods at MeetMe23 Breakfast foods at MeetMe23

Where is MeetMe23 located?

MeetMe23 is located only two blocks from Wenceslas Square and the bustle of Prague’s busiest main street for shopping and some sightseeing.

With another five to 10-minute walk, you can find yourself easily in the Old Town, where you can see what the Old Town Square is about. If you walk 10 minutes in the opposite direction, you can reach Vinohrady, a trendy residential neighborhood, which is undoubtedly less touristy than the Old Town and nearby city center.

View of Prague's main street Woman walking in arches in Prague Old City Colored buildings in Old Town Prague
Street performers in Prague's Old Town Square A view of the many bridges in Prague
Classic buildings in Prague Old Town Square A horse-drawn carriage in Prague's Old Town Square
Woman walking in Prague Old Town streets Reflection in water of Prague Old Town buildings

MeetMe23 is also close to the main train station (a few minutes away) and lots of other mass transit options. Staying at MeetMe23 was great for all of the sights we wanted to fit in while also getting work done and relaxing.

Meetme23 is a digital nomad hostel in Prague

Within a few hours of arriving at MeetMe23, it was clear that the hotel has an identity unlike other hotels in which we have stayed.

We sat down to speak with Iva, the hotel’s manager, who has a long experience in the hotel industry, and our main takeaway was that the aim of MeetMe23 for its travelers is, ‘to have an experience when you travel, and to have surprises’ along the way.

Orange carpeted steps in MeetMe23 Reflections in the glass elevator at MeetMe23 in Prague
Reflections in the glass elevator at MeetMe23 in Prague Room number lightbulb at MeetMe23
Orange carpeted steps in MeetMe23 Neon signage at MeetMe23 in Prague

For us, surprises at MeetMe23 meant taking a look at the thoughtful details and seeing the technical aspects that only a brand new hotel could have. We got access to the roof (shh!) and it inspired us to think of rooftops as some of the best photography spots in Prague.

For example, it’s not every day that staying in a historic 1800s mansion means also having a super fast elevator to take you to the fifth floor!

We also appreciated the fast WiFi that helped us to work remotely during our stay. As a bonus, the social room in the front of the hotel near the breakfast area has a Prague virtual reality interactive experience, in which you can use your hands and feet to fly around Prague.

Neon signage at MeetMe23 in Prague Neon signage at MeetMe23 in Prague
Blue man statue at MeetMe23 in Prague Blue man statue at MeetMe23 in Prague MeetBeer is MeetMe23's downstairs restaurant and bar
Woman walking down orange carpeted stairs at MeetMe23 Bar at MeetMe23 Interior of lounge area at MeetMe23

If you’re looking for accommodation in Prague this year, you can book Meetme23 on Hostelworld.