Becca Siegel

Becca has a history of travel and spent two and a half years studying and working in Hong Kong and China. It was in China that she started using her first 'real' camera to document her adventures, while polishing her Mandarin Chinese.

During these years, she traveled across Asia and started writing about her journeys through 15 countries there.

Once back in the US and after her move to NYC, Becca started backpacking several times a year in Latin America with friends, developing a love for the cultures south of the border and working on her Spanish.

Dan Gold

Dan's first big adventure was with Remote Year, when he worked remotely and lived in 12 cities across Europe, Africa and Central & South America. Having only traveled to to Jamaica, Israel and Colombia before, he was looking for something more!

Dan's year abroad got him to use his camera creatively in situations he never thought he'd be in - scavenger hunts in Lisbon, runs in Argentina's Patagonia, road trips through Iceland and treks in Morocco. He's been sharing his photos on Unsplash and photo stories on Exposure.

Dan led his first 'photo walk' in Mexico City and is always down to be a guide in a city he's getting familiar with. Read more about that on Unsplash Hosts.