We visited Cafe Cultor in Bogota, which has four locations, including its ‘casa’ location, called Coffee House Cultor or Cafe Cultor Casa.

Cafe Cultor prides itself on being different and providing an experience of excellence in coffee, which shows in their menu of specialty drinks and focus on environmental sustainability.

The company’s three pillars are quality, sustainability and culture, all of which are apparent in the cafe’s sensory experience of taste, smell and feel.

According to Cafe Cultor, the coffee experience is a cycle of sustainable farming communities, an exceptional process of harvest and selection of beans, artesanal roasting, knowledgeable baristas and conscious consumers. Cafe Cultor is USDA organic certified and fair trade certified.

What it’s like inside Coffee House Cultor

Our trip down to the Calles 70 near Chapinero started by walking through the front outdoor seating area and through the doors of Coffee House Cultor, where we were hit with the aroma of brownies and baked goods.

The interior of coffee house cultor in Bogota The front counter of coffee house cultor in Bogota
The outside of coffee house cultor in Bogota The front counter of coffee house cultor in Bogota
Freshly baked bread on the top of a display case Bags of coffee in a display case at a cafe

We sat down in the backyard garden, which has wooden tables and a leveled wood seating area in a garden. This is where we tasted Cafe Cultor’s nitro cold brew, a unique drink served in a glass cup in which you can see the foam and see through to the ice cube keeping this coffee beverage chilled.

Pouring a cup of nitro cold brew coffee A cup of nitro cold brew sitting outside

Becca sitting with various different types of coffee

We moved inside and tried Cultor’s americano and espresso, along with (bonus!) some carrot cake. Yum! Our of the americano and espresso, our favorite drink was the nitro cold brew. It was unlike any other nitro or cold brew that we’ve ever had, which meant we had to name this cafe among the best coffee shops in Bogota.

A few cups of coffee sitting on a table at a cafe Cups of coffee sitting on a table at Coffee House Cultor
Photo of a cellphone taking a picture of cups of coffee on a green teable Carrot cake and coffee on a table at a cafe Carrot cake on a table at a cafe

We really enjoyed the interior of Coffee House Cultor and had fun taking photos while drinking our coffee. The green table was different and gave us really interesting contrast against our cups. We didn’t bring our laptops and do any work, but I imagine Coffee House Cultor is a good place for catching up on some work.

Woman holding espresso cup on a green table in a cafe

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