If I think about the things I like doing in Medellin, I immediately think of sitting at a cool cafe sipping on a great Colombian coffee and watching the city go by.

In fact, that is my favorite thing to do in Medellin. I like the awesome coffee shops where I can try new coffee drinks and eat fresh food. There are so many cafes, it’s going to take me quite some time to visit all of them!

Whether you’re coming to Medellin for the first time or you’ve lived in the city for a decade, check out the list below of the trendiest cafes where you can also grab a bite. Start starring your map now!

Looking for the best things to do in Medellin after you’ve had a lot of coffee? Use our Medellin travel guide to get a head start.

El Poblado

Everyone’s favorite “international” neighborhood is the center of cafes and coffee shops. You’ll find lots of them on the main streets, and several more on quieter side streets under leafy awnings or with patios out front.

Coffee drinkers like me will be delighted with all the coffee drinks that these cafes make possible, and non-coffee drinkers will always have something to get, whether tea, smoothies, fruit juices or other “bebidas sin cafes.”


Find them: Cra. 37 #8A-37 & Cl. 10b #36-38 (“Calle 10B”) with two other locations in El Poblado & Laureles (see below)

Pergamino was my first Colombian cafe experience when I landed in Medellin for my first time. Dan and I sat in the outside seating at Pergamino on Carrera 37. A year later, we wound up spending a month in an apartment just up the street from Pergamino’s next location on Calle 10B. There, we got a behind-the-scenes coffee experience with a professional barista and it was so much fun!

Pergaminio as a coffee company is very serious about coffee, and probably the best-known of the cafes in this list. Pergamino makes relationships with local coffee farmers in Colombia, supports them and wants them to be successful.

To this end, enjoying Pergamino coffee means tasting real Colombian coffee: the type that’s fresh, directly from the farm to your cup and authentic.

As a cafe, Pergamino does it right, and that is why you see it as #1 in all the lists of the best cafes in Medellin. Each of their cafes has great ambience, welcomes people working on laptops as well as having conversations and gathering in groups, hosts events like the “Barista latte art jam” and has perfect food menus.

You can see more of our photos at my Pergamino cafe experience review, where I also list all the locations and their addresses. It’s also one of the best restaurants in Medellin for light brunch foods.

Cafe Velvet

Find it: Cra. 37 #8a-46, El Poblado, Medellín

Cafe Velvet is where I sat with friends and tried lulo juice for the first time! I’m not sure why I wasn’t having coffee that day, but I can assure you that trying a juice made of Colombian fruit is always a good idea!

I like the indoor-outdoor feel of the cafe, which starts in the front with an outdoor sidewalk-side patio (where we sat), and ends with an enclosed back patio that grabs natural light from above. There’s a wall of bench seating with small tables, perfect for being solo and getting work done on a laptop. The sunlit back patio is like a little oasis with all the plants on the walls and couch seating.

Cafe Velvet is also a coffee roasting company in the region, with a twist. Cafe Velvet does its roasting both in Colombia, and in Belgium, contributing to a unique flavor. On the menu are a variety of ways to have your coffee: tinto, French press, Aeropress, Chemex, V60 and an array of espresso and milk drinks from cortados to cappuccinos. Can’t wait to go back!

Hija Mia

Find them: Cl 11A #43d 117, El Poblado, Medellín (“Hija Mía - Nómada”) + Cl 11A #43b -9, El Poblado, Medellín (“Hija Mía Coffee”)

Hija Mia (meaning “my daughter” in Spanish) is a cool and modern collection of cafes sporting the tagline, “Local Coffee, International Friendships.” Hija Mia is a small batch roaster in Colombia and you can read the story of the cafes at the website.

The two Hija Mia cafes are fun: think bright blues, cinderblock walls, exposed brick and neon light writing on the wall. There’s Instagram-friendly food, too: avocado toast, burgers, bagels, croissant sandwiches and waffles are on the menu and that’s in addition to the beautiful lattes with perfect art!

Hija Mia makes fresh coffee a priority and roasts every batch fast, so that no freshness is lost in the process. They also have barista workshops. Follow the fun at their Instagram!

Al Alma Café Restaurante Coffee Roasters - Astorga

Find it: Cl. 8 #43B-136, El Poblado, Medellín (and more locations, here)

My friend Tara goes to get work done on the WiFi at Al Alma Cafe often, and she goes for the “good vibes.” Set in a colorfully-tiled indoor-outdoor atrium, this cafe brings in natural light for great photos of your coffee. Try your daily coffee via Syphon, or an Instagrammable latte with flower or bear art.

For food, there’s an array of burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls and “fuertes” like Peruvian “Lomo Saltado.” That’s in addition to breakfast faves like French toast and eggs! And if you’re traveling while gluten-free, you’ll notice that you can get pasta with an “opcion Gluten Free” for an upcharge.

Here is a link to the menu.

Urbania Café Calle 8 Astorga

Find it: Cl. 8 # 43B - 132, El Poblado, Medellín

Hailed as one of the most legit places to get a good coffee in Medellin, Urbania Café is a collection of cafes with several locations in Medellin and a commitment to social and environmental impact. The cafes are all on-trend, with wooden tones, bright interiors, leafy plants along the wall and cool baristas. Those great ratings do not lie!

As for how Urbania Cafe is upholding sustainability, the website discusses how the company works with coffee farmers who have agro-ecological practices, and supports them to uphold organic processes. Things like saving water, protecting jaguars and conserving many thousands of hectares of trees fall under the cafe’s sustainable practices that have secured it a B Corp rating.

IMAGO Coffee Shop

Find it: Cra. 43E #11-40, El Poblado, Medellín

Good for breakfast, brunch and coffee, IMAGO is an all-Colombian spot in Poblado with tropical fruits on display and a sure way to have a Chemex brew. They’re known for the espresso, so I suggest trying that! There’s a bit about the cafe on TripAdvisor.

For eats (and sharing what you got by taking a photo), the fruity smoothies and bowls are a must. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, and everyone recommends the avocado toast. For working remotely, the WiFi is fast! And when you need a break, chat with the very friendly baristas who can tell you all about coffee.

Amelia Coffee Provenza

Find it: Cra. 34 #7-36, El Poblado, Medellín

Amelia Coffee is a cafe in Poblado that’s really into latte art and coffee. In reading the story of the cafe’s origin, I learned that Amelia Coffee aims to “dignify” the labor of women working in the coffee farms of Colombia. Their “Propósito” (objective) is to allow them to create generational wealth and a higher quality of life so that they can continue the country’s tradition of coffee cultivation. As it says, “Cada taza de cafe cuenta” (Every cup of coffee counts).

In selling “flavor and stories,” the cafe has great branding, which you can see on their mugs, totes, bags of coffee and more merch, all for sale. Amelia Coffee is not a huge cafe, so you’ll feel special while trying coffee there. There’s ample space outside on the patio, and working remotely with a laptop is popular and welcomed.

Inside, all my favorite coffee apparatuses are on display, like V60s, French presses, Syphons and Chemexes.

You can support this great business by buying Amelia coffee online. Check out the Instagram, too.


Find it: Cra. 37 #8-33, El Poblado, Medellín

This modern and minimalist petite cafe in Poblado is worth a visit. Stop by to sit at the bar on a stool, to chat with a passionate barista about the notes in the single-origin Colombian coffees. There are tables right on the street as well.

Working remotely is welcome, and there’s WiFi and access to outlets for charging. Some say it’s the best coffee they’ve had in Medellin, or in all of Colombia. For anyone who wants to skip the big cafes with multiple locations and the lines or crowds, this coffee shop is for you. There’s also lots for purchase on the Moara website.

Clemente Cafe & Flowers

Find it: Cl. 11B #36b-13 Local 2, El Poblado, Medellín

I was pleased to find Clemente Cafe, located in a quieter section of El Poblado. It’s a breakfast-oriented cafe, with cool mantras like “STAY PRESENT.” The cafe was born as a coffee company, and has evolved into a brand that is inclusive, progressive and conscious, according to the website.

Guess what: this is a great place to work remotely in El Poblado! The environment is pretty quiet, and the atmosphere is nice and cozy. Clemente Cafe is most known for brunch, but the coffee gets the job done. Join their following on Instagram.

Selina Cafe

Find it: Cra. 32d #9 - 17, El Poblado, Medellín

I spent many hours coworking at the “CoWork” at Selina Medellin, and I enjoyed my 10% off coupon from Remote Year. To explain Selina, it’s a hostel chain with locations around the world that typically also has a coworking space, to please any digital nomad or traveling remote worker.

It’s a hip and young scene, but the cafe on site is located at street level. Grab a coffee, sit with some WiFi and get work done at the tables right on the patio at the entrance. If you’d like to head inside, there’s the Selina Playground, a large open space in the heart of the building, where a walk-up cafe makes breakfast, lunch and dinner food as well.

Café Noir

Find it: Cl. 8 #37a41, El Poblado, Medellín

Recommended to me as a place to try working remotely for a few hours, Cafe Noir is a sophisticated (fancy) cafe that doubles as a bar and restaurant. Exuding “luxe” decor and vibes, the interior is dark and moody, but don’t worry — there’s outdoor seating in a bright space with couches and plants.

As for the coffee menu, there are serious brewing methods for this seriously upscale locale: choose from French Press, V60, Syphon or Chemex for your morning brew.

Cafe Noir is actually a solid spot for holding a business meeting or a business lunch, so that’s helpful to keep in mind because of their lightning-fast WiFi that will please any digital nomad.

Varietale Medellin Cafe

Find it: Cra. 20 #2 Sur - 62, El Poblado, Medellín

Varietale is a cafe that we first learned about as one of the best cafes in Bogota, and the Medellin location is one of the newest under this Colombian coffee brand. It’s located in El Poblado, but up a ways past Mall Del Este. The shop itself has somewhat of a bicycle theme, and a patio that opens up to the outside.

Varietale has a few mantras, with the main one being that their commitment is to the “work, ethics, passion and the aroma of coffee.” Their coffees are richly Colombian, with notes of chocolate and caramel, and they’re purchased at the fairest prices that the market will allow (according to the website). Varietale rarely disappoints, and maintains quality so that the coffee lover comes back for a consistent experience.


Laureles is starting to rival El Poblado in terms of popularity for coffee shops and great cafes. There is no shortage of great spots for coffee in this part of Medellin. As you may have seen in our guide to where to stay in Medellin, Laureles is not as expensive as El Poblado, less crowded, more chilled-out and of course, less hilly!

Check out the awesome list of coffee shops in Laureles nowadays.

Rituales Café

Find it: Cq. 74A #39b-22, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

Rituales is a coffee company with a beautiful website that discusses how they work with the community in Comuna 8 of Medellin to uplift the people from poverty.

It’s a passionate place, with great coffee as well as the story of how the cafe cares about every detail in the coffee supply chain, ending in social innovation to support an enormous social transformation.

Story aside, you’ll find one of the best cold brews in the city at Rituales. And their Instagram following is real: see videos of the baristas pouring drinks and informational posts about their coffees, before you even step foot inside!

As for the coffee shop, it’s bright, with chilled-out patio seating and drinks served on little trays with paint specks. There are a LOT of coffee drinks to choose from, like the “Cold Brew Tamarindo” and Cold Brew Latte.

Semilla Cafe Coworking

Find it: Calle 39, Cra. 73 #7, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Semilla Coworking is a legit coworking space in downtown Laureles where you can work with your laptop and WiFi and also enjoy the great list of drinks and food that the cafe offers.

The coworking space has hot desks, phone booths and day passes in a bright and new environment. The cafe is near a bunch of the tables for those who like working in a coffee shop environment (I do!) next to the grind of an espresso machine and the sounds of plates and dishes.

Overall, digital nomads rate this spot highly, as a great place to work remotely and eat delicious salads and other healthy items (vegan and vegetarian-friendly!), as well as drink the house coffee drinks and lemonades.

The menu is online at the website.

Pausa Coffee & Brunch

Find it: Cq. 4 #70-44, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

Rated as one of the best brunch spots in Medellin, hop over to this cool cafe in Laureles for a good coffee (but you will probably want to brunch, too). In fact the coffee and brunch is served all day long at Pausa. Coffee comes in hot varieties (espresso, american, cappuccino) and cold drinks (iced espresso, iced latte and … affogatto!).

Pausa has a modern and tropical vibe, with a white and pale green color palette, rattan chairs, plants and cool plateware. The cafe welcomes digital nomads with laptops and even calls itself, “A place to work, stay and enjoy.” Follow the Instagram!

Café Primavera

Find it: Tv. 39A #71-10, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

For now, Cafe Primavera is a little bit more of a hidden gem in Laureles! Do not underestimate the power of the pretty plated food in this cafe. It’s one of the best breakfasts in Laureles and the prices are competitive.

To go with the great coffee, the staff is friendly and welcoming and the clientele is equally foreigners and locals. Keep in mind that when ordering food, the kitchen is small, so if it’s busy there may be a little bit of a wait for the food to come out. Be sure to sit outside and enjoy!

River Town Cafe

Find it: Cl 36 #63-84, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

If you venture a little farther from central Laureles to the Medellin River, you will find River Town, a secret among the great coffee shops of the neighborhood. This cafe had me at the peaceful and open sunny back patio that’s lined by plants and inside a few walls. A morning coffee here is perfection.

Brunch is all day and includes parfaits, pancakes, egg sandwiches and mimosas. For coffee, which is what you came for, an entire page of choices lists coffees in “hot” and “cold,” with little graphics to show the coffee-milk or coffee-water ratio. Be sure to try the baked goods and the iced matcha tea.

Note: the cafe is under the beminimal hotel. The cafe welcomes remote workers, and says that remember, they do not charge you for using the cafe as a coworking space; instead, please spend 20K if you plan to spend 4 hours.

Pergamino Cafe Laureles

Find it: Cq 73 #34 - 65, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

The newest of the Pergamino Cafes, the Laureles location, is a gorgeous and bright space with an open-air back patio and a retro 60s theme in its design and decor. Coming here is a treat for the eyes, as it’s like a pastel-colored diner crossed with a trendy coffee shop.

Like I mentioned above, the food menu differs at each Pergamino location. At the Laureles cafe, pair your cappuccino (they’re excellent) with French toast, pancakes, baked goods or eggs and enjoy the plants and ambiance around you. As a bonus, yes: laptops and folks working remotely are welcome to stay! Just remember to support the business by purchasing food and drink.

Típica Guía de Café

Find it: Cra. 72 #Circ 3-25, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

Cafe Tipica is more than just a coffee shop: it’s a cafe that offers coffee experiences like courses and workshops, as well as coffee “kits” that you can buy in the shop. Everyone likes that this cafe is conveniently located within Laureles and is a good spot to work from, with WiFi (and outlets).

There’s outdoor seating on a streetside patio, and inside, you can sit among the walls full of coffee-making tools like French presses and Syphons. The ambiance is quiet and calm, so it’s an ideal spot for light conversation, sitting in peace or working quietly. The coffee is so good it’ll please the snobbiest coffee snobs!

See all the offerings, as well as items for purchase, on the website.

Cafe Terrario

Find it: Cq 72 #39a-12, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

I think I just wish I knew about Cafe Terrario sooner — just look at the design of this place (you can reference the cafe’s Instagram for that). The cafe is located on the corner of Circular 72 and Transversal 39A, with outdoor seating in an “L” shape.

They’re serious about coffee, too: this page on the website talks about their passionate coffee producers.

If you can’t snag a seat outside, though, don’t worry: this cafe is basically floor-to-ceiling windows, and the interior is full of natural light. The cafe even describes itself as a place “in contact with nature,” with specialty coffees, pizza, juices and breakfast items.

If you were wondering why it’s called “Terrario,” it’s because they sell little plants inside — “so that you can bring home a piece of our shop and live in harmony with nature.” <3

Delmuri Coffee

Find it: Cl. 39c # 73 - 29, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

Delmuri Coffee is a neighborhood favorite in Laureles and it’s a down-to-earth cafe where you can hang out and stay a while. It’s casual and a little bit earthy with everything you’d want in grabbing a coffee and having a sweet treat.

Coffee is available via Chemex, Aeropress, V60 and French press, and then there’s the food: pancakes, omelets and scrambled eggs, French toast, sandwiches and other breakfasts. Look for the big cinnamon buns and the leafy veranda outside. Follow on Instagram.

Café Zeppelin

Find it: Tv 39 #76-12, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

Cafe Zeppelin is German-owned, believe it or not! It has earned the business of thousands of visitors over the years for the great food and atmosphere. There’s seating both inside and outside, and there’s a coffee menu with espresso drinks and cold brew (just note that it’s not a gigantic coffee menu).

People are mostly going here for the food and the alcoholic drinks, come evening. Check out the Facebook page.

Where are most coffee shops in Medellin?

Third-wave cafes, which is likely where you want to go for your caffeinating or working remotely on WiFi, are located for the most part in El Poblado and Laureles.

Exceptions to this are Pergamino’s location in San Lucas (technically still Poblado, but outside the central area), a cluster of cafes in La Candelaria/Centro (think Juan Valdez-type places), some cafes in Belen, quite a few coffee stops in Sabaneta and a handful in Envigado.

For the purposes of the audience for this list, we are focusing on Poblado and Laureles.

What to drink at coffee shops in Medellin

If you came to Colombia to drink Colombian coffee, make sure you are heading to a “third-wave cafe.” The thing to know about coffee in Colombia is that for years, the best Colombian coffees were reserved as beans for export. They all wound up being sent all around the world, as that was how to make the best money on coffee.

Times have changed, and these days, Colombian coffee is also staying in the country. If you’d like to try it at its finest, ask the cafe you go to about which coffees they are roasting and where they originate from. In my experience, a cafe that does this very well is Pergamino, because they are transparent about the relationships they have with farmers in the coffee regions of Colombia.

You can read that at my Pergamino Cafe review.

What to eat at coffee shops in Medellin

If you’re trying to eat healthy on a trip to Medellin, dining at cafes is a great idea. A lot of cafe menus feature sandwiches, salads, tostadas (toasts) and quinoa bowls, among other things like omelets and baked goods.

You’re probably not going to be eating the most “Colombian” foods (like arepas or bandeja paisa) at Medellin’s cafes, as they tend to be modern and cater to a health-minded consumer base. There are dishes that feature Colombian elements, though, as you may find empanadas under the “snack” section of a menu, or smoothies and fruit bowls made with local tropical fruits (my favorite!).

Safety at Medellin’s best cafes

As expert travelers, we know crime can happen anywhere, especially in Latin America. While areas like El Poblado and Laureles are known for being the top safest areas in Medellin, petty theft can happen anywhere, especially if you are a foreign tourist.

When dining out, specifically at outdoor tables (but inside, too!) keep your valuable tech and electronics (iPhone/smartphones, laptop, AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones, tablets) close and under your supervision at all times. Thieves are smart: they target unassuming travelers who’ve glanced away from their laptop or left their phone in their back pockets for JUST a second.

That’s long enough to become the victim of theft.

For tips on how to stay safe in Medellin, use my Medellin safety guide where I recommend some ways to avoid theft at coffee shops, like using a bag lock and AirTags.

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