If you’re looking for one of the best cafes in Bogota, look no further, because Colo Coffee is an authentic experience at two different locations in Colombia’s capital city.

Here’s a review of what we tried and what we thought of this cool Bogota coffee shop.

A coffee shop with a blue wall and shelves. A coffee shop with a sign that reads 'colo'.

Intro to Colo Coffee

What we liked about Colo Coffee was that the cafe stays true to the Colombian brand. All roasts are domestic, and their cafe decor itself feels natural, with lots of wood, plants and outdoor space. It feels welcoming and they have great coffee vibes. We were referred to Colo Coffee by the baristas at Pergamino, one of the best cafes in Medellin.

We immediately thought it had to be one of the best coffee shops in Bogota for its relaxing ambiance, friendly baristas and incredible espresso.

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Colo Coffee (located in Zona T)

We visited the Zona T location of Colo Coffee, which has outdoor seating on a front patio near the street, and two seating areas inside. The tables and chairs toward the back are set under a skylight, so you can sit in natural light even if it’s raining.

A brown leather couch. A woman drinking coffee at a table.

Colombian coffee beans

Our first round of coffee was a Chemex brew of a new roast called Ana Imbachi from the coffee plantation in San José, Pitalito Huila. This roast, from the Valle de Cauca, was fruity and sweet even when we smelled the beans before they were ground. This coffee is described as a flavor from ‘sweet to caramel,’ with notes of red fruits, strawberries and cherries. It has a silky body and a ‘brilliant acidity.’

We use a Chemex whenever we can! It makes some of the smoothest and most delicious cups of coffee. We love it!

A coffee maker on a table. Coffee beans in jars on a counter.

The Chemex brewing process did not disappoint, as our barista walked us through his process, noting that he stirred the coffee grounds to give all parts a chance to emit their aromas.

Woman with hands on a big blue coffee cup on a wooden table in Bogota

Colombian espresso shots

Next, we tried an espresso brew that we sipped slowly. Last, we had one more espresso cup for good measure and to tip off our caffeine high - an espresso with strong notes of cinnamon that we were instructed to take all in one go.

A person holding a cup of coffee on a wooden table. A cup of coffee on a wooden table. A wooden tray with a cup of coffee and a glass of water.

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