Azahar Cafe in Bogota, Colombia, is regarded as one of the top places to try an authentic Colombian roast in a beautiful cafe. What struck us as awesome about Azahar was the interior full of unique design elements and plant life, along with the floor-to-ceiling windows that allow in so much natural light.

Coffee sign at Azahar cafe Inside Azahar cafe with lots of cool lights and plants Baked goods at Azahar cafe

Azahar has two Bogota locations and one location in Armenia, a city in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, the Zona Cafetera.

Store front of a cafe Packaged coffee for sale

Searching for the best coffee in Bogota

One of the Azahar baristas walked us through a Colombian coffee tasting. What was most memorable about our visit to Azahar was learning the stories about the relationships that the cafe has with the farmers at the coffee plantations throughout the country. Azahar focuses on fair trade and creating lasting relations with the coffee ‘fincas’ (farms).

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Coffee bags for sale at Azahar cafe Chemex and a cup of coffee on a table

Learning about Colombian coffee flavors

We tried some smooth Chemex roasts and finally, espresso. For each cup we tried, we learned about the altitude at which the beans were grown, the subtle flavors that are emitted when the coffee is brewed and the region in Colombia from which the beans came.

Preparing a pour over coffee Preparing a Chemex coffee Coffee cup with a Chemex in the background

Preparing a pour over coffee

How to find Azahar Cafe in Bogota

Spending a morning at Azahar was a passionate Colombian coffee experience, and should be a stop on every Bogota itinerary.

We visited Azahar 93 at Calle 93B NO. 13 – 91, and you can also try Azahar San Felipe at Calle 74 NO. 22 – 91.

Cup of coffee at Azahar cafe Prepared coffee from a Chemex
Azahar packaged coffee on a shelf Inside Azahar cafe looking through some plants

Azahar store front and the inside of the store

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