As you can tell, I’ve been a photographer for many years, and I love sharing my tips, from how to clean a camera sensor to how to take better photos at night. My secret is that I brush up on these types of skills on YouTube.

I really enjoy watching a few videos a day, as the experts on YouTube have access to all sorts of equipment, gear and software updates that I wouldn’t get on my own. Watching videos is a digestible way for me to catch up on the new ideas for camera accessories, versatile travel cameras and great additional camera lenses.

If you want to learn photography, or brush up on photography tips, tricks and hacks, head over to video content. A lot of talented YouTubers are putting out incredible content for photographers at all skill levels. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned about photography, all by watching a variety of YouTube videos from photo experts.

I’ve listed out some of my favorite YouTubers whose channels are all about photography, videography, life and everything in between. I’ve learned a lot about editing photos, how to shoot events, how to light subjects and so much more.

Chris Hau

Chris talks a lot about personal stories and where they have taken him in his career. It's less of, "you should do this," and more of, "I did this and it got me to here." You'll get to learn a lot of the business of photography and apply some of his stories to your own business.

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Peter McKinnon

I like Peter McKinnon because he makes funny noises. Just kidding (although I do like his sound effects like “pfffft-sshhhip-ppffffups-up”). He has a lot of personality in his videos. He also has a good mix of tutorials, inspiration and personal stories. Peter McKinnon has become one of the most popular YouTubers over a short period of time. His cinematic B-roll, knowledge and storytelling is a clear reason why.

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Jared Polin

It's clear from Jared's videos that he is incredibly knowledgeable about photography. His channel also showcases his team, who are all very talented. My favorite part of his channel is the Photo News Fix. The Photo News Fix gives you a snapshot of what's happening in the photography world.

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Kai W

Kai's channel is really informative for gear suggestions and for what's new and up-to-date. Kai is also very passionate about photography and it shows through his videos. Some of my favorite videos of his are when he shares his camera organization and his street photography series.

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Chris Winter

Chris will show you some affordable options for camera gear. His personality is genuine, which makes him engaging. He also has a travel channel that you can follow!

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James Popsys

If you like watching videos that have outtakes sprinkled among real content, check out James. His tutorials are helpful and he'll “bring you along” on his photo shoots. He has a unique style that blends images from various scenes together. He shares some insight into achieving the shots he gets, as well as providing helpful tips and tricks.

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Evan Ranft

Evan invites his audience to join him on his photo walks, which are actually very informative. He also gives good insight into the business of photography with stories and tips and tricks. I often revisit his color-grading tutorials because they're so helpful. In short, he can teach you something like the outcome of taking a still from your video, editing it in Photoshop and then saving that as a custom LUT. Find his video about it to learn more of the process.

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Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Tony & Chelsea seem to cover it all. They talk about a very wide variety of different photography advice. They have a lot of technical videos, as well as beginner tutorials.

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My favorite segment of FStoppers is the "Photographing The World" (behind the scenes) coverage. They do a great job of discussing various tech behind photography and videography. Their past work includes videos that cover techniques for photo storage, as well as helpful lighting ideas and various setup methods. If you're into learning even more about photography, you can check out their premium tutorials.

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Micael Widell

I'm a fan of Micael because he tries really interesting things. He does a lot of macro work and adapts different lenses to his cameras. He has a really fresh perspective on photography.

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PhotoRec TV (Toby)

I like watching Toby's videos because he takes the time to explain a variety of different concepts.

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Eric Rossi

Eric gets a lot of gear to review. He puts a lot of personality into his videos and I benefit from watching his videos when I'm looking at a specific camera or lens. Aside from the reviews, he'll take you to some events and photography days. These are my favorite videos.

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Thomas Heaton

Thomas is my go-to YouTuber for landscape photography inspiration. When you watch his videos, you nearly think someone else is filming, but he's doing it all by himself! He'll take you to his workshops, which are great for getting some inside looks. Lastly, he does talks about how he films his photoshoots. These BTS (behind the scenes) videos are my favorite videos.

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Tyler Stalman

Tyler is a great explainer of concepts and also talks about other subjects related to photography, like cell phones and various other tech. His tutorials, and especially his photography tutorials, are very in-depth and cover a lot.

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Matti Haapoja

Matti now shares an office with Peter McKinnon. My favorite Matti videos are his "best friend" segments with Peter. They always make me laugh because they're so well-done! Matti's videos are helpful if you're learning to take video and they’re also helpful for choosing which camera you might want to get.

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Mango Street

Mango Street is this awesome couple, and together they make short and succinct videos. Their videos are easy to watch and you can watch a few in one sitting, easily. Once in a while, you'll see a Mango Street short that is really inspiring.

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Joe Allam

I originally found Joe Allam when I was researching travel photographers. I really enjoy coming on his journeys in different cities and watching him shoot travel street photos.

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Daniel Schiffer

Daniel Schiffer has a good style of teaching when walking you through tutorials. I've learned a lot about video color correction and various different things in FCPX because of his channel!

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Brendan van Son

Brendan van Son was one of the first YouTube channels I subscribed to when I was searching for travel photographers. It came at a time when I was learning the business of travel photography. His breakdown of financials and various workflows was really helpful in defining a plan for myself! His channel and his business has evolved and it's fun to watch some of his workshops and see his new opinions about travel and photography.

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Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore has one of the best personalities among everyone that I follow on YouTube. Her claim to fame was her Iceland photoshoot. Ironically, I saw her Iceland videos and never subscribed. I stumbled on her channel again and found so many great travel tips and a new perspective on photography.

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Mike Smith

I like Mike Smith's channel because his tutorials are simple and easy to follow. A lot of his tutorials are with Sony cameras (which is what I shoot with). His videos are super clear and easy to follow.

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Jason Vong

I found Jason Vong's channel when I was looking for tips on how to use my Sony camera. His videos share a lot of advice on how to use a lot of different Sony cameras. He also gives good lens reviews for various full-frame and APS-C lenses. I like his lens reviews more than others because he puts them to use and lets you see the results in an easy-to-see way.

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Hayden Pedersen

As I watch more of Hayden Pedersen's videos, I like him more and more! He's super genuine and shares a lot of personal stories about himself and photography.

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I like following Adrian's journey through photography. He shoots a lot of classic film, as well as some digital. He talks a lot about his experience with film and his photography compositions, planning and more!

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Christopher Burress

Christopher Burress has done some really interesting experiments with adapting different lens and testing different mounts and gimbals. My favorite videos were his tests early on. They used cheap CCTV lenses and you could see how they performed. His later videos put lenses and cameras to real-world tests. You can easily see the various different levels of sharpness and picture quality in his reviews.

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Julia Trotti

I like watching Julia Trotti's videos because she talks a lot about portraits, fashion and editing. I always like seeing a new perspective on editing, which is great to see here. Because I don't have much experience with portrait work, I enjoy seeing her process.

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Cody Blue

I originally found Cody Blue's channel when I was trying to figure out why my GoPro footage wasn't coming out as nicely as I hoped. I then discovered that he has even more videos about Sony picture profiles that I actually currently use. In addition to that, he's done some really nice mountain bike and mountain bike BTS videos that have been amazing.

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Becki and Chris

Becki and Chris have a really nice channel to watch. Their videos are entertaining and mostly informative. I like seeing a glimpse into their lives through their photography.

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ZY Productions

ZY's videos (I don't think I know his name?) are short and always informative. The videos that I can remember off the top of my head are the ones that explain random things about cameras and accessories. Like, do you know what that DOF preview button is? He has a video that explains it.

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Dan Watson

I like watching Dan's videos (it's not because we share a name) because he has a good mix between sharing facts and his opinions. He shoots a lot of weddings and shares some insight into gear, settings and workflow that makes him successful.

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While Moment isn't a person, it's actually three. Three awesome people on the Moment team share this channel and post a mix of tutorials, reviews of Moment products and collaborations with various other YouTubers. I don't actually own any Moment gear. I like watching their channel because it isn't always about Moment gear.

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Brandon Li

Brandon Li mostly has videos about making videos. Some of my favorite videos from Brandon are his travel videos. He shares advice on how to shoot popular destinations and how to be creative when you have limited resources around.

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Marques Brownlee

I don't think YouTube would be YouTube without the videos of MKBHD. What does the "K" stand for? Who knows! He doesn't go too in-depth about cameras, but he talks a lot about smartphone photography. If you like taking pictures on your phone, MKBHD is a great channel to follow.

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Jonathan Lee Martin

I recently discovered Jonathan because he's traveling around the world. As someone who also does that, I instantly identified with him. His videos share really awesome in-depth tutorials about editing and photography in general.

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Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker's videos have so much knowledge and insight. Some of his portrait work and the process about how and why he picked his equipment is so helpful. All of his videos are very thoughtful and genuine.

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JR Alli

JR Alli has one of the most unique video styles that I've seen. Aside from the short films that he makes, his tutorials and process videos are even better. I like that he puts such a heavy emphasis on story. My favorite part about his videos are the special effects.

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Dan Gold

Did you know that you can follow me? I make videos about travel and travel photography. I hope you can learn something from my videos!

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As you can see, photography is all about learning. Even hearing some basic topics can spark new interest and push you to try something new. I still watch beginner-level videos, because I enjoy hearing perspectives and learning strategies from a variety of experts on YouTube.

Last updated on May 4th, 2020