The Condesa neighborhood is beautiful, with its tree-lined streets and relaxed personality. One of its charms is its cafes that set up benches and chairs on its sidewalks. Efimero Cafe is one of the cafes where you can sit in a wicker chair with a delicious coffee and watch the world go by.

A blue bicycle parked next to a parked car in Mexico City, Mexico. A bicycle parked in Mexico City. Fresh pastry with powdered sugar sprinkled on top served on a wooden board

We found Efimero by simply walking by and wondering what it was. We peeked inside to see a cozy place, full of people enjoying drinks and food, and marked our map so that we could come back.

The Efimero Story

Efimero was opened by a couple - a graphic designer and lawyer. Both left their full-time jobs, looking to pursue a dream, and both dreamed of having a coffee shop. They loved the concept of specialty coffee shop, “where you can have a really, really good coffee” and, “where you can stay a while and feel like you’re at home.”

A clipboard sits on a table next to a flower in Mexico City. A croissant on a cutting board next to a cup of coffee and a book in Mexico City.

Efimero opened in early 2018 and became a part of the neighborhood. The down-to-earth feel is complemented by the collection of games and books that anyone can enjoy while they sip a drink.

A book on a table in Mexico City. A woman is putting her Threshold Wide Leg Pants by Bluffworks in her pocket.

The cafe is pet-friendly, and there’s WiFi. This is a place where you can relax, where you can come with a friend and where you can have a date.

Best coffee shop features of Efimero

You can tell that Efimero was created to be a fun neighborhood place for friends, and a place where you can keep coming back because you’ll feel comfortable. There are indoor seats, and there are outdoor seats - big wicker chairs that sandwich a small table next to a wall of flowers, an outdoor high-top table with two bar stools and a little bench across the sidewalk.

Specialty coffee at Efimero

We tried several drinks at Efimero. The most memorable was the Vietnamese press coffee mixed with sweetened coconut. What a surprise! This drink came iced, and we had to mix it, as it was served with the separation between the coffee and the coconut milk.

A drink is sitting on a wooden tray in Mexico City. A coffee pot and a glass of water on a wooden table in Mexico City.

We also tried the espresso, and the Ethiopian roast in the form of an AeroPress.

Blueberry cake on a wooden board with a hot cup of espresso on a saucer V60 pourover glass carafe of hot black coffee held up in the light outside a coffee shop in Mexico City

Food menu (& avocado toast) at Efimero Cafe

Offering an array of cafe snacks and brunch foods, the cafe makes a great avocado toast. They also have cakes (we tried the honey cranberry), croissants and smoothies.

Avocado toast with tomato on top served on a wooden board at a cafe in Mexico City Woman holding up a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in a trendy coffee shop interior

If you’re looking for a new favorite in the neighborhood, or perhaps a friendly place to stop by for a snack, Efimero is an excellent choice.

If you’re traveling through the rest of Mexico City, check out our other favorite cafes nearby.

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