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Green Nomads Hostel has reportedly closed since the time of writing. We suggest checking out Las Cabanas de Pino Hostel instead!

Green Nomads Hostel is the best hostel in the mountain town of Santa Fe de Antioquia, which makes for a perfect two-day getaway from Medellin.

With its perfect location on a whitewashed cobblestone street, Green Nomads Hostel is a lovely way to stay over in this destination.

Off the beaten path in Colombia: Green Nomads Hostel

The hostel property is less than a 10-minute walk from the town’s bus terminal, which was great for arrival and departure. The hostel is located two blocks from Plaza Mayor, the heart of the old colonial town, where you’ll find the cathedral and the restaurants that line the plaza.

Everything you’d need is within walking distance - pharmacies, restaurants, small supermarkets, souvenir shops and other sights to see.

Motorcyclists on a cobblestone street in Colombia Main cathedral interior in a Catholic church Flowers in the main square in Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia

This hostel has a swimming pool!

Given the year-round hot climate of Santa Fe de Antioquia (the daily average is 33 C, or 85 F!), you’ll be glad that the hostel has a pool. In fact, this is one of the nicest hostel pools we’ve ever seen!

It’s clean and large enough to swim in, and there’s a view of all the rolling green hills and mountains in the area. If you’re not a pool person, there are lounge chairs and tables to sit at, and of course, hammocks.

Be sure to say ‘hola’ to the hostel dog and cat, both of whom roam around freely and are pretty friendly.

Man playing with a playful dog Orange and black cat looking up with wide eyes

Next, if you’re staying downstairs, head upstairs to check out the views of the green mountains from the second level.

View of green hills and a partly cloudy sky in the valley Wooden staircase framed by leafy green vines

Breakfast every morning at Green Nomads hostel

What a nice surprise it was for our morning to begin with a full Colombian breakfast. We woke up and headed downstairs to be greeted with our own breakfast trays of hard-boiled eggs, cereal and milk, jugo de mora (blackberry juice), coffee, a fruit bowl and mini croissants. Buen provecho!

Fresh blackberry juice at morning breakfast outside Complete breakfast of cereal, croissant, egg, fresh fruit and milk

Authentic Colombian experience at Green Nomads Hostel

When we stayed at Green Nomads, it was low season and there were not so many tourists in Santa Fe de Antioquia on the whole. This gave us a chance to talk to the hostel staff and practice Spanish with the other locals who hung around. Gracias para todo!

Book Green Nomads Hostel in Santa Fe de Antioquia to relax and enjoy the green hills. As with any hostel in Colombia, remember to bring a passport for check-in!

White bicycle on a metal roof with green trees Bright lime green painted wooden bar stools Cat laying on green bench pads on wooden benches