We were recommended to stay at La Serrana Affiliate link in Salento by not one, but by two or three friends beforehand, and figured we should reserve. “Everyone stays there,” they said. We found out why.

Getting there

We arrived at 8 pm from our day of 12 hours of buses, and we walked in the direction of La Serrana Affiliate link, which is a bit outside of Salento’s town center itself. If it’s dark, you’re going the right way.

If you get there in daylight, well, that’s a treat! We likely could have taken a taxi, but Salento is tiny with about 4000 people and things like jeep services shut down after dark. When you see a fork in the road, if you’re walking away from the town center, go to the left and keep walking until you see a driveway for La Serrana Affiliate link.

Nighttime in La Serrana in Salento, Colombia

The Scenery

La Serrana Affiliate link charmed us from the beginning, even though the surroundings were all dark as night. Our first night we were invited to a campfire in the back of the property, where we got to meet some friends and make hiking plans for the next morning.

Camp fire in La Serrana in Salento, Colombia

We awoke to a scene from a painting - rolling hills as far as the eye could see, steaming with morning mist.

Mountain view in Salento, Colombia

💡 Some Tips

Only the main building has WiFi, so if you stay in a private room (located near the kitchen/eating area) or a tent, you’ll be off the grid.

Those who stay at La Serrana rave about the food - the breakfast included with your reservation in the morning alone is a reason to go back!

If you cannot find availability at La Serrana for your dates of travel, check out all the hostels in Salento Affiliate link.

Last updated on April 28th, 2020