Amazon Prime Day is one of our favorite days of the year. Becca and I like to enjoy a great deal whenever we buy something new. We want to make sure that what we buy lasts a long time and serves a good purpose.

This year, Amazon has some great deals on home office products that can be used for your home office while you’re working from home. We’ve written several articles about setting up your home office, and we’ll be picking the best deals from the products that we typically recommend. We’ve listed some of our favorite home office-related articles below:

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Let’s get started with the Amazon Prime Day deals.

Highlighted Apple Deals

13” Apple MacBook Air

The 13” Apple MacBook Air is what we call the entry point into Apple laptops. It’s a trusted choice, great for working remotely and bringing your laptop to different places because it’s lightweight.

It is also powerful enough for most professional tasks and professional usages like communication, emails, using the web and your standard set of applications. I don’t think it’s powerful enough for doing stuff like editing 4k video or intense photo processing, but that’s not for everyone anyway, and we do have some specific recommendations for those use cases if you have a specialized line of work.

Get the MacBook Air


Let’s talk about the iPad, another great sale item on Amazon Prime!

You can use Apple’s iPad for a second screen in your home office setup next to your laptop. You can use it to draw and take notes, which is kind of fun. You can also use the iPad for things like emails when you don’t want to use your laptop, like if you’re done with work for the day and you’ve migrated to the couch for some TV time.


Becca really likes her AirPods! These Bluetooth wireless earbud headphones by Apple are great for calls, and listening to music when you’re working. Becca uses them as earbuds for working out, whether she is out running after a day in the home office, or doing yoga (on her yoga mat… Right next to her home office setup).

The Apple AirPods are small enough for you to take places if you want to work from a cafe or somewhere else. The carrying case is super slim and convenient because it’ll also always charge your AirPods. Now’s a great time to get a deal on these.

Apple Watch

There has never been a better time for an Apple Watch, especially when you can get it on sale. It is great for hands-free notifications and can help you stand up with notifications!

After another day of working from home, the Apple Watch can help with fitness tracking when you do your daily workout to stay fit. It can also unlock the newest models of MacBooks, and that is pretty exciting. Have you seen this sale?

Laptops, Tablets and Monitors

Part of your home office setup when working from home is going to be about your laptops, tablets and monitors. WHen you work in an office, you don’t have to think about these things because they automatically come from your employer.

If you’re a freelance already working from home, you know what we are talking about! And if you’re new to working from home and creating your own home office, you have probably already realized the freedom that comes with being able to choose your own equipment specifically for your needs, in your home office design and setup.

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet is an unexpected addition for our home office and remote work suggestions. Here’s why: it’s good for keeping your kids entertained while you’re working. That’s why!

This Amazon Fire HD kids edition tablet is great for kids because it has a two-year warranty. If it drops, cracks and breaks, Amazon will replace it. It also has access to content from Amazon, specifically for kids. If we had kids, this would be important to us because we talk all the time about how we would want to protect our kids from non-child content on the Internet.

My nephew had this Amazon Fire for kids model before he had an iPad, so it comes recommended by my family. It’s nice to see that Amazon came out with a kid-friendly product in the Amazon Fire line, because not all products are equally usable for adults and for kids.

Get the Fire tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab

It’s the first tablet with 5G, and it’s actually the affordable option for someone looking for a new tablet to have around. After a day of working from home, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is good for catching up on messages after normal working hours.

A bonus use is that it’s great for kids to use when you’re not using it for work. You could probably take it on a trip, too.

Get the Galaxy Tab

Acer 23.8” Wide Screen Monitor

The Acer widescreen monitor is a good budget pick for someone who’s not ready to make a giant investment in a widescreen monitor for a home office. This is a good choice if you need a second screen, but don’t care about resolution.

If your job mostly consists of emails, spreadsheets and non-artistic projects, you’ll be more than fine with a widescreen monitor like this one for your home office.

Get the Acer monitor

LG UHD IPS monitor

The LG UHD IPS monitor has the ultimate highest resolution and is beautiful to look at, especially if you’re coming from lower resolutions that you are no longer impressed with. I’ve used this monitor in the past and I have great things to say.

It has a 3840x2160 resolution, so it is a great buy, and a great investment, for designers, photographers, web developers and video editors. Don’t let anything else measure up to this monitor, and get yours with this current deal on Amazon Prime.

Get the LG monitor

13” Apple MacBook Air

There are a few key reasons we’re into the 13” Apple MacBook Air. Among these are the two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, the fact that it has up to 11 hours of battery life (really useful in case you’re up from your desk) and a Force Touch trackpad.

Some other things we like about the MacBook Air right now are that it has fast graphics, it’s incredibly seriously thin, and has a brilliant Retina display. If you don’t want it for a primary laptop, it could surely be used as a secondary laptop or a travel laptop.

Get the MacBook Air


The iPad is proving to be more than just a small tablet. It’s strong, and fast — it’s how we usually watch and consume our Netflix after a day of working together in our home office!

Helpful Tip

Expand your Netflix show catalog by using something like ExpressVPN to access content from another country’s library.

Aside from entertainment, we use the iPad simply to reply to iMessages, and I use it all day as a second monitor with my home office laptop setup at my desk. I’ve been impressed with the screen resolution, high storage limit and ease of use in the iPad’s latest model.

Home entertainment

Roku Streaming Stick+

The Roku Streaming Stick+ is a great way to decompress and unwind after a long day in your home office doing tons of work. Let this streaming stick do the work for you, and access all your streaming networks like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Hulu with Live TV, Apple TV and more. You can also check out the Roku Express!

Get the Roku

Amazon Fire Stick

Wow, the Amazon Fire Stick is on sale for Amazon Prime Day! The Fire Stick is a streaming device with Alexa built in. It’ll let you watch your favorites with Dolby Vision, and includes Alexa Voice Remote in its latest release. The Fire Stick should be a part of every home office for when you need a break.

Get the Amazon Fire Stick

Sony TV

We won’t have a TV in our home. If we did, it would probably be something like this 55” TV from Sony. I like it because it’s a 4K OLED, so it will have excellent color range and display properties. It has AirPlay support, so I can broadcast my MacBook onto the TV. This is useful for playing movies or looking at photos directly from my laptop.

Get the 55” Sony TV


Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

This smartwatch packs a real punch, from features like being a GPS running watch with a way to make contactless payments and having wrist-based heart rate metrics and tracking. You can also control your music.

Get the Garmin Forerunner

Apple Watch

Have you been looking at the Apple Watch for months now? You can use the Apple Watch for fitness, hands-free notifications and other ways to save time. There’s never been a better chance to have a good deal on the Apple Watch, which can make working from home more efficient when you’re up from your desk.

It’s also one of the best workout gadgets for travel.

Foam Roller

I like using a foam roller to roll out tension areas in my legs and back after a workout. If you’re an active person and you work from home, you may need foam rollers to help with those aches or soreness after your daily workout at home.

Get the foam roller

Foam Mat for Treadmill or Bike

Having a foam mat for a treadmill or bike near or in your home office are nice features to keep these types of home workout machines from slipping or causing damage to your floors.

Get the form mat

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

These headphones are great for exercise. They have a secure fit, so if you’re running or doing any other type of outside training, they won’t fall off your head. They sound great and also integrate really well with iPhones.

Get the Powerbeats Pro

Amazon Echo Buds

The Echo Buds are a decent pair of headphones at a budget. They limit background noise, which is great if you’re using a treadmill or a bike that has a constant noise that you wait to drain out. With these headphones, you can really focus on your workout.

Get the Echo Buds

Noise Cancellation Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are perfect for canceling background noise. When I’ve worked from cafes or loud places, these have been incredibly useful to help me focus on whatever I am working on.

When you’re home, you don’t usually need to block out noise; however, everyone has a different working situation. Maybe someone else is in the room with you as you’re working. Maybe you have small kids who are learning remotely via Zoom. Maybe someone is working out near you. Maybe there’s some construction next door!

Whatever the case, noise canceling headphones can help you focus on your work.

Here are our top picks for noise cancellation headphones that can help you work in your home office!

Coffee Deals on Amazon Prime

Coffee is something pretty important to us. It creates routine, it stimulates the mind, and the smell alone can make you feel motivated. Coffee once, or twice — maybe three times? — a day is what makes a lot of people function… ha.

Coffee also makes (or breaks) a home office. It brings back that feeling of routine you had when you went into an office or a coworking space. It punctuates your day: your 9 am coffee, your 3 pm coffee, etc.

There are a whole slew of products that help us make coffee! Here are some products we stand by that happen to be on sale during Amazon Prime Day:

Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Get a gooseneck kettle for your home office: you’ll have excellent precision when pouring, and you can always see what temperature your water is at.

Get the electric kettle

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

A manual coffee grinder is for the professional who wants a hands-on coffee experience. Start your day when working from home by grinding your own coffee by hand, and you’ll soon get used to this early-morning arm workout!

Get the coffee grinder

Airtight Coffee Canister

An airtight coffee canister is a home office must-have because it keeps your coffee fresh and crisp, keeping out moisture that will harm the freshness of your beans. For the coffee pro, this type of airtight coffee canister is an essential.

Get the coffee canister

French Press Coffee Maker

A French Press is a great way to make coffee if you enjoy this process. Get one for your home office so that you have a choice in the morning for which coffee toy to use to make your morning brew! Yum.

Get the french press


The AeroPress should sell itself for how easy, small and convenient it is. You can pack it in a suitcase and take it with you when you travel. Or it’s perfectly suitable to have in your home office or kitchen to brew a single cup of coffee whenever you want it. I use it often and I love it!

Get the AeroPress

Home Office Deals

Every home office is a little different. Our home office is in the same room as our living room, and that’s because we live in a one-bedroom apartment in NYC.

We try to minimize our work setup, so we can separate our working time from our personal time. We tried to limit big and bulky items in order to help our work setup blend in with our living room.

We wish that we had more space for bigger items that could help us work better and more efficiently overall. Whatever your work-from-home setup looks like, we’ve listed some of our favorite home office deals for Amazon Prime Day.

iRobot Roomba

The Roomba is great because if you’re battling pet hair on your carpets, this is sure to solve the problem. An iRobot like the Roomba helps clean your home and it also works with your Amazon Alexa. It’s self-charging, and works with WiFi connectivity to clean your home. It’s like the home-cleaning robot of the future because it cleans your house, listens to your voice and gets to know your habits, even when you work from home!

Get the Roomba

For when you’re working from home, you may realize that your WiFi doesn’t cover every room in your house, or every floor in your house.

A WiFi extender like the TP-Link extenders will be great for your home office, and beyond, if you don’t get good WiFi coverage throughout your house. Having strong WiFi every room is crucial in case you move your laptop or in case you need to let another family member use your home office and you have to take a call from your couch downstairs!

Get the WiFi Extender

This is the smart WiFi router that we have in our home office to support our WiFi speeds when we’re working from home together. It supports gigabit internet and what we like is that it has guest network support.

This TP-Link Archer A7 router is an affordable upgrade to an old router or it can be an affordable option for a new router if you need one. Either way, make sure your WiFi setup is strong enough to let you make video calls, take video interviews, hold Zoom meetings and talk on phone calls that take place over WiFi. You’ll thank us later!

Get the router

Home office chairs

When you’re working from home, it is super important to have an ergonomic office chair that lets you work in a comfortable position. What you want is a desk that will not hurt your back, a chair that will support your arms and a chair that will allow your feet to be flat on the floor, for the most ergonomic position.

Next, you have to determine which type of design you want! And, make sure that your desk fits in with your home office desk of choice. There are tons of options out there, so we want to help you to not be overwhelmed.

For home office chairs, here are our picks that have the best deals on Amazon Prime this week:

Home office desks

Your desk for your home office should do a few things for you: It should make you productive, it should make you comfortable and it should also fit well in your home.

One of the biggest challenges in how to choose a desk for your home office is choosing a desk that’s attractive, looks good, fits in with the design of your home and makes you want to sit in it.

We lucked out by choosing a small desk for Becca and a standing desk for Dan. Everyone is different and everyone has a different home office setup, so you have to see your options and choose the desk that is right for your home office environment.

Here are our picks for desks in your home office that have the best deals on Amazon Prime Day.

SodaStream Terra

We love Sodastream, because it’s a way for us to enjoy seltzer (soda water) at home without going through countless plastic bottles. We simply take water from the tap and turn it into carbonated water, in seconds, so we get the same perks of office life that we used to have (unlimited seltzer was one of these!).

Having a SodaStream is a way to make your life in your home office more interesting. Also, if you have someone over for a meeting, you can offer fresh soda water with lemon or lime for a garnish, and save on waste like cans or plastic! Having a SodaStream is so easy and it makes us hydrated during a day of work in our home office.

There are a few SodaStream versions. We like the Fizzi because it’s 100% mechanical and with a lot of use, it hasn’t given us any issues.

Get the SodaStream

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation

The DiskStation from Synology is my top pick for storage. This is a NAS (network attached storage) device, so you can access your files from anywhere. It has two bays for hard drives that you can use to expand your total storage amount.

You can use the NAS to access your photos, videos, movies and music from anywhere. For the home, this is perfect to be able to have your own library of movies to share with your family.

If you work remotely and travel, like we do, you can use this NAS to access your photos and other large files.

Get the DiskStation

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Keep in mind that if you’re working from home, security is up to you! This video doorbell is a next-generation doorbell upgraded with additional security features for homes.

It’s useful because you won’t have to get up from your desk in your home office to see who’s at the door, and you can choose to answer or not, from your home office (wherever that is in your house).

The Ring would be great for us because we’ve had a problem in the past with package theft.

Get the Ring