I picked up the Quince Neoprene Backpack and liked it for a few reasons. It’s cute, trendy, simple and easy to throw on to complete an outfit.

It also turns out to be a nice daypack for using during a trip.

Want to see what I like (and don’t like) about this small backpack? I hope I don’t surprise you too much!

A rundown of the Quince Neoprene Backpack

If you’ve seen other neoprene products, you know that they have a unique look to them. I used a neoprene laptop case for years before I ever got this neoprene backpack from Quince.

This Quince backpack is on the smaller end of backpacks, as it fits just what I need for a day out (and not much more). It’s soft with that bouncy feel that neoprene gives, and has a really simple design.

I find that it can hold a layer like a sweater, a few snacks, a camera (if I’m out with mine) and my essentials like a phone, wallet and keys. It also has a water bottle pocket that I can use for a standard-size water bottle (as you can see in my photo).

I like that it’s a backpack that is totally unisex and good for all ages. Basically, this backpack is for anyone, and it’s not very specialized in that regard.

What’s best about it?

There are a few reasons why I like using this backpack and there is a small list of things that I think stand out:

It looks good on me as a short and narrow person

If you’ve seen my list of the best travel backpacks for women, where I include the Quince Neoprene Backpack, you’ll see that I talk all about being petite and short. A lot of backpacks look bad on me because they’re too wide.

The Quince Neoprene Backpack looks just right. You can see that in my photos (and I hope you agree).

I think it’s great that it’s lightweight

Neoprene is a lightweight material that makes this backpack’s starting weight not too heavy, before I even put anything inside.

It’s super packable

One of my top travel hacks is to pack a daypack inside your luggage, like my carry-on suitcase, which you can view more about at my Quince Hard Shell Luggage review. So, if I want to condense all my luggage when I’m flying, and if I want to fly with a larger personal item, I can put the entire Quince Neoprene Backpack flattened into my suitcase.

The bonus feature: detachable zipper pouch

One thing I think is the most thoughtful and also unique about the All-Day Neoprene backpack is the detachable neoprene zipper pouch. This is where I put my random junk like tissues, lip balm, a tiny bottle of hand cream and dental floss (yes, I have to have everything with me!).

If I want to take out only the pouch, it detaches from the cord. This is also a good theft-proof feature, because if I have valuables in the pouch (like maybe a passport), the entire pouch is attached from the inside.

Quince All-Day Neoprene Backpack

I like this cute daypack for being lightweight and for the bonus detachable zipper pouch.

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Other aspects I use

The Quince neoprene backpack does it all, in a simple and modest fashion. It also has a suitcase pass-through if I want to have it sit on top of my carry-on suitcase. And lastly, it has a neat laptop pocket sleeve that I use to store my laptop. It puts my neoprene laptop case out of commission!

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What I don’t like

Given the size of the backpack, there are two things I’ll point out to keep in mind if you’re considering it.

  1. It only fits up to a 13” laptop. While this is fine for me and my 13” MacBook Air, I have to remember that this backpack will NOT fit Dan’s larger MacBook Pro.
  2. It doesn’t fit my 24oz lululemon Sport Bottle that I take everywhere, or my coffee mug. When I use this backpack, I have to use a slim water bottle, and that’s a pretty tight fit in the bottle pocket.

Where to buy

Quince products for travel can naturally be purchased on Quince.com, and this is what I recommend for getting your Quince All-Day Neoprene Backpack. You’ll always get free shipping, the prices are unbeatable and if you review your item after you get it, you can rack up Quince points.

I’ve seen other sites selling Quince products, and that won’t provide all the benefits above.

Lastly, remember to refer a friend and get future credits to use for shopping.

More to check out from Quince

I like Quince a lot as a brand, and I’ve been testing out and reviewing everything from travel products like the All-Day Neoprene Backpack, to home products.

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