I have the Deuter UP Seoul 16+10L backpack in the “almond-cinnamon” color. It has held up beautifully through a lot of wear, and I say that because (as you’ll see below) I’ve used this bag in a wide range of ways. I’ve probably used it for a wider range of things than the average fan of Deuter’s products.

Is the UP Seoul backpack worth it (and it’s pretty competitively priced, in my opinion)?

Check out my experience in using this bag over the past few years and why it’s the one I reach for when I need to travel, bring my laptop out or grab a backpack for a multi-day trip.

Things I like

First, I really like the 16+10L flexible volume the UP Seoul backpack provides. As I note below, I’ve used it in three distinct scenarios, and in one of them (podcasting), I had to bring around some equipment that was “taller” than my regular daily stuff.

The volume build and the additional 10 liters of storage is possible when I zip the backpack vertically up, rather than folding down the main flap.

Second, I like the zipper pocket on the front. It’s neat, it allows me to grab essentials quickly (napkins, granola bar, headphones) and the zipper pulls are lightweight and strong. In fact, the zippers are good quality overall and this is an important thing for me.

Third, I find the straps to be very supportive. They’re also lightweight. Even for someone petite and narrow like me, I never really feel “weight issues” when carrying this backpack, even for a while. For this reason, I named it one of the best travel backpacks for women.

Lastly, I like the flap design on the UP Seoul. When folded down, the backpack fits 16L as advertised. I’ve rarely used the +10L volume addition, because I often don’t put enough things in to require that space. I prefer to load up 16L worth of my things, and use the flap, folded down and secured with the G-ring.

Things I don’t like as much

There’s very little that I don’t like about this bag, because I think Deuter products are consistently incredibly high in quality and I respect the brand among the best in travel bags.

However, there are a few things I can comment on for those that I “don’t like” nearly as much as the things I appreciate a lot.

The water bottle pocket: it snugly fits a standard width (2.5”) water bottle, or smaller. This means it does not fit my lululemon 24-oz sport bottle, and it also won’t fit thermoses that are a different width on top than on the bottom, like a Stanley. The fact that the water bottle pocket is slim keeps the design neat, though.

The smartphone pocket: I don’t use it, and rarely have. I don’t really find it convenient. If I’m carrying my phone with me while on the go, it’s in my back pocket, or in a belt bag. I never considered putting it back in that secure side pocket. It’s smart, but for me, it’s just not useful. For others, I can see how it might be handy.

How have I used the UP Seoul backpack?

Here are all the ways I have used this backpack:

  1. As a diaper bag. Yup, you read that correctly. I used this backpack as a diaper bag the summer before my daughter turned 1. It worked out excellently, and I stored a changing pad in the laptop sleeve.
  2. As a laptop daypack: I’ve used this backpack to have my MacBook Air in the laptop sleeve, and I used it for the “+10L” zip top to create length when storing podcasting equipment like a microphone, pop filter and stand.
  3. Personal item on an airplane: The UP Seoul backpack came with me to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and fit under the seat in front of me, my first time flying with a baby.

Where to buy yours

Deuter products are best purchased from Deuter.com, where (my tip!) you’ll get free shipping on orders above $50, and in addition, you’ll get the Deuter Lifetime Warranty.

The warranty is actually one of the better warranties I’ve seen: Deuter says, “We promise to repair any Deuter pack free of charge, no matter its generation or the reason for damage or defect.” This is better than other companies that make this promise, but make it for only one or five years.

You can get this backpack on Amazon as well (you just will have to miss out on the benefits above from Deuter.com directly). For now, it does not look like the UP Seoul Backpack is an Amazon Prime product, though. It also may only be available in one color (it may be available in outdated or discontinued colors). Lastly, the price is higher on Amazon (it was, the last time I checked!).

In conclusion, I suggest buying it from Deuter directly to a) save money, b) get the warranty and c) get free shipping regardless.

A few more things to know

Here are a few more generally-helpful tidbits to explore if you’re on the fence about getting the UP Seoul backpack.


As you may have seen in articles of mine like tips for sustainable travel, I’m into the eco-friendliness of products and of travel in general.

A few things I was happy to find out were that the UP Seoul bag is made of entirely recycled materials. It’s made of recycled bottles, and according to stringent new standards, it is Green Button certified and is made with “reduced water and oils.”

Laptop fit

While I have a 13” MacBook Air, which fits into any and all backpacks typically, the UP Seoul backpack fits up to a 15” computer. That may be nice for you if you’re using a MacBook Pro or another type of laptop that’s longer than my small one.

Other Deuter products

I’ve been getting into the Deuter brand, having tried a larger-size “backpacking trekker backpack” as well as one of Deuter’s “kid carriers for hiking.” To explore my experiences more, check out my Deuter Kid Comfort Venture review.

Hope this was helpful!

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