Mexico City is one of my favorite places to visit and live. In contrast, having lived in Spain before Mexico, I found a lot more cool cafes and restaurants in CDMX. The month I was living in Mexico City was an interesting month for me as my apartment hardly had a kitchen. I typically will find my favorite grocery store and stock up on fresh veggies, fruit rice and eggs. I didn’t mind now having a kitchen because you didn’t have to go far to find a taco. I love tacos.

I spent my month finding my favorite cafes, seeing a bit of the standard tourist attractions, trying new restaurants and catching up with a lot of work. I’ve listed my favorite places below! They’re ranked based on when I visited them.

🇲🇽 Places to Eat & Drink

La Casa de las Enchiladas

I went here on my first day in Mexico City. The enchiladas were really good and the mole was amazing. This place had a really authentic feel to it.

Maison Kayser

This was probably too fancy for me in hindsight. The breakfast was really reasonable and wasn’t true to the Mexican-style I was expecting. Come here for the breakfast and the croissants. Bonus points for the juice!


This cafe is perfect for hanging out. It has a laptop friendly vibe and a big open window to get some nice airflow. The food was really good –yet limited to what they can make in their tiny kitchen area. I remember there being plenty of power outlets if you’re low on battery.

La Provoleta

Hungry for beef, I was in search of a good steakhouse. After looking at the steaks, I opted for something a little cheaper. I went here with a group of friends during happy hour. They had a buy 1 get 1 free special.

La Casa de Toño

After the ruins of Teotihuacán, on the way back to the Roma Norte or Condesa neighborhoods, you’ll find La Casa de Toño. It’s a typical family-style restaurant with an authentic feel. Come here for the soup! Also, you should get a taco.

El Califa

This place came highly recommended from a few friends. It’s open very late, which is amazing. The prices seemed fairly high – so be careful to only eat a few tacos here. Then, after a few tacos, get some street tacos.

Tomás - Casa Editora de Té

I spent a lot of time here working and drinking tea. They really know their tea! You can take a few wafts and get an idea of what you want to try. For working, there are some couches, tables and standard chairs. You can also sit outside!

El Tizoncito

There are two locations that are 2 blocks away from each other. The thing you get here is el pastor. When you sit down, the give you chips and 3 types of salsa. I was living 2 blocks away and visited here a few times every week.

Pizza Amore

This is your place if you want a quick slice on the go. There’s nothing special about the pizza except for its convenience.


This cafe is small. Really small. It’s a cafe for ants. 🐜🐜🐜

El Huequito

People say these are some of the best tacos that you can find in Mexico City. The tables and chairs are bright colors. These are all facts.

Pizza del Perro Negro

I enjoyed this pizza way too much. They had a lot of different types and styles to choose from different from the average pepperoni or mushroom. It can get crowded so make sure to give yourself enough time. Come here hungry!

Ice Cream Nation

If you’re in the mood for ice cream, you should try Ice Cream Nation. I think the best thing is adding waffles, peanut butter cups and pretzels. You can do that here.

Cassava Roots

They serve bubble tea and a few other drinks. I don’t love bubble tea but the art is awesome here. When I went, the power went out on the block. I sat in the dark drinking bubble tea.


I love it here. Frëims is a great place to eat lunch, work, drink coffee, have brunch. They have it all. You can spend a lot of time here.

Blend Station

There is a tree in the middle of this place. It feels fancier than it is. I spent a lot of time here working near the back tables (this is where the tree is). It feels really bright because of the tree and sky lights.

Gin Gin

Fancy pants bar 👖. If you’re looking for something nice or upscale, I would recommend Gin Gin.

Hot Dog Ramírez

If you want a hotdog, this is your place. It’s right off a main road and not near too many other things. It was around the corner from my coworking space, Público.


Jetson’s is a 1950s style diner. I don’t typically enjoy theme restaurants but Jetson’s is fun. There’s no song or dance (some of these 1950s restaurants do that) but you can get a good burger, fries and milkshake.

Lecaroz Condesa

You grab a tray and put what you want on the tray. Be careful because everything is good here. My favorite discovery are these cereal bars. You can find bread, cookies, cakes and so much more. If you pass by, check it out.

🇲🇽 Places to Visit

Zona Arqueológica de Teotihuacán

I learned that the area used to be a jungle and no it’s a desert. It gets crowded at night. Try and be first in line to get some of the pyramids to yourself. The pyramid stairs are really steep. When I was walking up, I was wondering if people had really giant legs? People try and sell you wooden jaguar whistles. Some are kind of cool but they really push it on you. Some of the people that sell them get bored and make the jaguar sounds close to people to watch them get scared. Watch out for this – because it’s really funny.

Museo Frida Kahlo

I visited here not really knowing too much about the Frida Kahlo story. It was really interesting going through all of the rooms and reading the blurbs about the story. It’s on a far side of town from where I was staying. Be careful about traffic getting here as it took a little while in afternoon traffic.

Arena México

See a Lucha libre show here. Get a sticker if you can find one. They are so cute! The Arena pickup get’s a little wild after a show.

🇲🇽 Places to Work


This is where I spent a lot of my time working. It was far from where I was staying but worth the walk. The walk to work is where I found a lot of the cafes that I would star on my maps and come back to. There are a few floors with common areas and private offices as well.


I didn’t actually visit the WeWork offices here but I have heard great things!

🇲🇽 See all of the places above in this map