Buenos Aires is a city with coffee-loving locals, which is great, because we are always looking for a solid cafe for caffeinating.

There’s nothing like coffee outside

We became versed in the coffee offerings of Palermo, a beautiful area of BA. Palermo has cafes everywhere, many with cute outdoor seating on benches and at tables. The fall weather during May, when we visited BA together, was perfect for sitting outside at any time of day or night.

Located on leafy Calle Thames, this little cafe packs a punch and has outside benches.

Felix Felicis Cafe
Located on a charming corner, Felix Felicis is adorably trendy and has cool tables outside as well.

Full City Coffeehouse
This larger cafe has outdoor couches, mags and books to read and a food menu as well.

Helena is quaint and cute, with outdoor seating and breakfast/brunch foods.

💡 Make sure to find Sheikob’s Bagels We found him when he was selling bagels at some of these cafes. Now he has his own store. We enjoyed having a little something from back home (bagels!) while we were in Buenos Aires. Check out his bagels!

🍞 🥖

Sheikob's Bagel sign in Buenos Aires

⬆️ Original hand written sign.

Sheikob's Bagel bacon egg and cheese in Buenos Aires

⬆️ The everything bagel was, well, everything.