2018 is a unique year for digital photography. Camera tech has made huge jumps in the past few years, and in addition to all the new tech, there are a lot of talented YouTubers putting out some incredible content for all skill levels. Here are some of my favorite YouTubers whose channels are all about photography (and videography)!

There is no order of importance to this list.

Chris Hau

Chris talks a lot about personal stories and where they have taken him in his career. It’s less of, “you should do this,” and more of, “I did this and it got me to here.”

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Peter McKinnon

I like Peter McKinnon because he makes funny noises. Just kidding (although, I do like his sound effects pfffft-sshhhip-ppffffups-up). He has a lot of personality in his videos. He also has a good mix of tutorials, inspiration and personal stories.

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Jared Polin

It’s clear from Jared’s videos that he is incredibly knowledgable about photography. His channel also showcases his team, who are all very talented. My favorite part of his channel is the Photo News Fix.

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Kai W

Kai’s channel is really informative for gear suggestions and what’s new and up-to-date. Kai is also very passionate about photography and it shows through his videos.

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Chris Winter

Chris will show you some affordable options for camera gear. His personality is genuine, which makes him engaging. He also has a travel channel that you should follow.

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James Popsys

If you like watching videos that have outtakes sprinkled among real content, check out James. His tutorials are helpful and he’ll bring you along on his photo shoots.

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Evan Ranft

Evan invites his audience on his photo walks, which are actually very informative. He also gives good insight into the business of photography with stories and tips and tricks.

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Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Tony & Chelsea seem to cover it all. They talk about a very wide variety of different photography advice. They have a lot of technical videos, as well as beginner tutorials.

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My favorite segment of FStoppers is the “Photographing The World” (behind the scenes) coverage. They also do a great job of discussing various tech behind photography and videography. Their past work includes videos that cover techniques for photo storage, as well as helpful lighting ideas and various setup methods.

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Micael Widell

I’m a fan of Miceal because he tries really interesting things. He does a lot of macro work and adapts different lenses to his cameras. He has a really fresh perspective on photography.

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PhotoRec TV (Toby)

I like watching Toby’s videos because he takes the time to explain a variety of different concepts.

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Eric Rossi

Eric gets a lot of gear to review. He puts a lot of personality into his videos and I benefit from watching his videos when I’m looking at a specific camera or lens.

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Thomas Heaton

Thomas is my go-to YouTuber for landscape photography inspiration. When you watch his videos, you nearly think someone else is filming, but he’s doing it all by himself!

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Tyler Stalman

Tyler is a great explainer of concepts and also talks about other subjects related to photography, like cell phones and various other tech.

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Matti Haapoja

Sometimes I’ll watch Matti because I secretly want to learn video. His channel is mostly about video techniques.

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Mango Street

Mango Street is this awesome couple and together they make short and succinct videos. Their videos are easy to watch and you can watch a few in one sitting, easily. Once in a while, you’ll see a Mango Street short that is really inspiring.

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I started photography when I was in middle school. I was around 11 or 12 when I picked up my first camera. Back then, I was shooting film. Digital cameras existed, but had only reached the 2-3 megapixel range. They were kind of terrible. I learned a lot from trial and error, studying books and shooting countless rolls of film. Photography is all about learning. Even hearing some basic topics can spark new interest and push you to try something new. I still watch “beginner” videos because I learn something new every time.