If you’re like me and have uneven floors, having a desk chair with wheels in the permanent home office you set up can be an adventure. I find myself constantly readjusting myself on my chair! My chair rolls because my floors are uneven and there isn’t enough friction between the chair wheels and the floor.

Because I have done a lot of research on how to fix this, I wanted to share my research with you on how to fix your desk chair from rolling while you are sitting at your desk.

You could ditch the wheels on your rolling desk chair

In my situation, I got a desk chair from my company’s physical office before the office closed up for good. The rolling desk chair has wheels, and it’s certainly a great feature.

If I were searching around for a desk chair and choosing to buy a new desk chair for my office at home, I wouldn’t have selected a chair with wheels, because I know that my floors aren’t even.

In fact, other furniture in our apartment requires various creative solutions to stand upright. We have used cardboard risers under the bookshelves and we have anchored our dresser into the wall, for safety, so nothing topples over.

Some desk chairs give you the option to remove the wheels. If this is an option for you, this might be the easiest way to prevent your chair from sliding across uneven floors in your home office space.

Because most chairs need something to use to support the weight, you may need to pick up some fixed stationary casters. These will support the weight of your chair and will stop you from rolling, because you removed the wheels.

Use a small carpet under your rolling desk chair

If you still want to keep your wheels on your chair but reduce the friction, you can use a small area rug under your chair. If you have one in a different part of your house, use it in your home office setup!

If you don’t have an extra area rug, something like this would work perfectly. It’s a 2x3’ cotton area rug that will give you enough flexibility to slightly adjust your position. The 4x6’ version of this area rug would work even better if you’d like to put the rug under your home office desk as well.

In some cases, the rug might also slide around, which is very unfortunate. The kitchen mat we have near our kitchen sink also tends to slide around, and it can be dangerous!

To prevent your rug from sliding on your floor, check out something like this rug stopper. It’s been working great for our kitchen mat and prevents it from sliding around on the tiles.

If you have multiple rugs that you’re looking to use this for, buy the bigger size and cut down the pad. Becca did this, and split a rug stopper mat into 2 pieces to use in both our kitchen and our bathroom at home.

Get a desk mat for your rolling chair to stop sliding around

Remember, the reason that the rolling desk chair is sliding around is because the floor is super slick and there isn’t much friction to prevent the wheels from sliding around.

Depending on your flooring, you might still have this problem even if you have a rug thin under your chair. You may not like the look of an area rug over an existing carpet.

Luckily, there are some other options for you to explore!

There are thick grippy plastic area desk mats that solve this problem. The bottom of the mat grips to a surface, like a thin carpet, and has a textured surface that can help prevent your wheels from moving from under you too often.

Use an under-desk foot rest

I started using this under-desk foot rest in my home office setup recently. Because my desk chair rolls easily, the leverage with keeping my feet up stops some of the unwanted rolling.

I like this ergonomic setup option because the wheels on my chair are useful when I want to convert my desk from sitting to standing.

Plus, this foot rest under my desk is great for a working setup, in general. It’s nice and soft, and lets you relax. It gives your feet an additional place to go. It can help your feet land at an ideal position to help improve your overall desk ergonomics and posture.

Plus, it’s not a huge investment, so it’s an affordable and budget-friendly idea to improve your comfort of working at home pretty quickly.

Use a yoga mat to stop a rolling desk chair from sliding around

If you’re on a budget, or if you are looking for other options or multiple purpose solutions, consider using a thin grippy yoga mat.

This is actually what I’ve been using for a few months to help prevent my chair from moving too frequently while I am sitting at my desk.

I have the YOGO thin extra-long yoga mat sitting under my chair and it works pretty well. It’s also a great yoga mat to use for working out when you work from home that you can use for the times that you aren’t working. Some of the thickest foam yoga mats can also work really well.

I personally like this option because there isn’t a lot of space around my desk for a rug. The width of the YOGO yoga mat is slightly wider than the chair. It provides more friction than the floor. It can also motivate you to get up and do a stretch from right under your chair.

Helpful Tip

For other helpful tips on how to work from home and how to work from home in a small apartment, check out our guides!

Check if your rolling desk chair has locking casters

Lastly, you might already have this problem solved if your chair has locking casters. These are little switches under your wheels. Have you ever pushed a shopping cart and one of the wheels locked? That’s because the shopping cart had locking casters engaged.

If you don’t have locking casters, you can swap out the wheels on your current chair with these wheels.

Upgrade your desk chair

In my testing, I’ve found that lightweight chairs tend to roll more than heavier chairs. If you’re using a small chair, it’s more prone to rolling. A heavier more substantial chair is less likely to roll on floors that have a slight slant.

I’ve been using this chair from Flexispot and I haven’t noticed any rolling, like my last lighter chair did.

Hopefully this article has helped you prevent your office chair from sliding! I know it can be really frustrating and unproductive.

I like having wheels on my chair (even though they roll a lot) because I’ll often transition my desk from sitting to standing. When I want to stand, I’ll easily slide my chair away, instead of having to pick it up and move it somewhere else.

The options above were the best options that I could think of to keep my chair from rolling on my uneven floor, and I hope you find the solution that works best for you in your permanent home office setup at home.

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Last updated on May 27th, 2022