We have no doubt that traveling while working remotely is here to stay. In fact, we started doing it as early as 2016! We’ve learned a lot about how to be efficient at your job and what the best tools are to get the job done. Our remote work section of our website speaks for itself!

In terms of what to bring with you while you work and travel, check out some of our favorite recommendations. We’ve used a lot of these products and have some tips to read below about why some of these things are especially useful.

Let’s go!

What to pack for working remotely

Are you ready for your trial of the geographical arbitrage life? Get ready to work remotely away from home.

Roost laptop stand

I got my Roost laptop stand in 2017. I’ve traveled with it and continue to use it at home when I am not traveling. I wrote a Roost laptop stand review that you can check out if you are interested in learning more.

If you’re already sold or if you’re looking for a solid recommendation for which laptop stand is the best, check out the Roost on Amazon.

Apple Magic Keyboard

The Apple Magic keyboard continues to be my favorite travel keyboard on the market. It’s Bluetooth, and can also work while plugged in.

It’s slim and lets you type like any other laptop keyboard. You can keep it stashed away and use it when you need it. I like it because it is small, lightweight, packs well and lets me type well.

It works with a Windows PC or a Mac. Keep in mind that the key orientation is set up for a Mac. It will work with a Windows PC, but the keys won’t be labeled correctly. In any case, Becca used the Apple Magic keyboard paired with a Dell XPS, and it worked out completely fine. She just had to get accustomed to the placement of the Apple key.

Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad

For the longest time, I used my battery-powered Magic Mouse. It was my favorite mouse. I traveled with it and used it for working. It worked great, until it didn’t.

I started having battery connection issues because it was almost 10 years old!

Instead of upgrading to the rechargeable Magic Mouse 2, I actually switched to the Magic Trackpad 2. I was surprised at how I like using this Apple product, and didn’t miss having a traditional computer mouse.

For most people using a Mac, I think the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad are going to be the two best mouse options for normal day-to-day use and the best options for bringing with you when you travel.

Noise-canceling headphones

For me, noise-cancellation headphones are a must. Many times – too many to name – I would play music or some ambient sound to drown out loud construction noises, loud cafe sounds or loud coworking space sounds.

I couldn’t work without them!

Outside of working, I love my Sony noise-canceling headphones for travel. They’re perfect for silencing loud airplane noises, or loud passengers.

I’ve had my Sony WH-1000XM2 since 2018. Since then, the Sony WH-1000XM4’s have been released, and this version will solve some of the issues that I currently have with my XM2.

The upgraded headphones will shut off faster when you’re not wearing them, are a bit more lightweight and charge with USB-C.

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Last updated on September 2nd, 2022