The California Redwoods are the world’s tallest species of tree. I have no idea how these trees got so big, but they sure are awe-inspiring. The Redwoods are so big that in order to properly show their size, you really need an everyday object or a person, for scale. Like a banana. Aside from the trees themselves, Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park near Crescent City, CA, has tons more nature to offer.

I visited the Redwoods in January and the weather was surprisingly mild. You don’t need any type of heavy duty jacket and having a good rain jacket and good socks goes a long way! California has several redwood forests and I chose to visit the northern-most part in Crescent City. It borders Oregon! Because it’s so close to Oregon, I took a quick visit to check out the border city and grab something to eat. You can check out an additional photo story if you want to see more inspiring photos from the Redwoods 🌳.